Clarity Consultations

Gain clarity so you can move forward with confidence

Unfuddle the Muddle

Clarity sessions provide business leaders the space to discuss a particular situation, problem or big decision they face, and to find a suitable path forward that fully meets their needs.

Each half-day session provides the space to think, to spot suitable options, make decisions and plan a path forward confidently.

Using the Unfuddle the Muddle coaching method, Pirate Startups clarity sessions are a proven way to unravel the complexity of life and achieve solid outcomes that work.

Who is this for?

Business leaders who have a complex decision to make regarding their enterprise.

Professionals who have a big decision to make about their career going forward.

Individuals who are unsure of what to do next, but know they would benefit from proper guidance and facilitation to find their way again.

People who need input from an experienced business coach on a matter which is perplexing, so they can get help to problem-solve a key area of their career or business.

Business owners who wish to discuss a key aspect of their business with someone else, so they can get a second opinion and useful advice.

Benefits of Having a Clarity Consultation

  1. Have the space to explore in detail the things that are on your mind.
  2. Gain clarity about the path forward, seeing the exact steps required ahead.
  3. Gain confidence in your choices as you face big decisions.
  4. Have support to make large and difficult decisions in a logical and emotionally congruent way.
  5. Become clear on what the blocks are, and ways to handle those blocks.
  6. Have an outsider to talk with about a situation you’re facing where it is safe and confidential, and focused on finding a suitable way forward.
  7. Reconnect with your larger aims in life, and integrate your work and business with your personal needs and goals.
  8. Align your current actions with your core values and larger goals so you feel fulfilled and engaged every day.
  9. Understand confusing and complex situations clearly, so you can handle matters appropriately and confidently.
  10. Have support to create a clear plan of action to move forward from your current situation to a better outcome you envision.

What You Get In Each Consultation

  1. A situation report that captures the details of your current situation so you can understand your situation clearly.
  2. A structured view of your goals captured in writing so you can reference them and use them for guidance.
  3. A list of your available options for any decisions you need to make.
  4. Clear evaluations of each option in a big decision you’re facing currently.
  5. A visual map (or list) of possible solutions to a large problem you face.
  6. An easy-to-follow action plan to move you forward rapidly after the session.

Enjoy Having More Clarity

  1. Feel more confident about your future path going forward.
  2. Feel more relaxed about a specific situation that has been on your mind recently.
  3. Know exactly what you’re doing, and how it aligns with your larger vision and goals.
  4. Have a range of workable solutions to a difficult problem.
  5. Have clarity about your situation and how the actions you take support your larger aims.
  6. Feel a sense of relief that you’ve been able to share your difficulties with someone who listens.
  7. Unfuddle the Muddle properly, allowing you to move forward happily!


£300 per consultation