Perform consistently at the highest level

Become a laser-focused leader

As a business leader or startup founder, reach major milestones in your business regularly with high performance business coaching.

Use a proven coaching format to get rapid results in your business, at a consistently high level.

Performance Coaching Session Format:

Each half-day session is split into 4 key areas of focus, all designed to support your personal development, and the growth of your business quickly and easily.

Hour 1

Business check-in to benchmark your progress so you can spot which areas to develop next as you grow your business from strength to strength.

Hour 2

Strategy review to ensure your business is optimally placed for profitability and growth given the changing challenges you must tackle and the wider environment your business  operates within.

Hour 3

Unfuddle the Muddle mini-session, to help you clarify goals, solve problems, make decisions, and plan your next actions going forward.

Hour 4

Performance booster to support you to be happy, healthy and highly successful as an individual business leader as you develop your business.

Who is this for?

  1. Established small business owners set on achieving growth in short, manageable stages.
  2. Business owners and startup founders who really want to succeed and push themselves.
  3. People who are looking to strengthen their commitment to their business game and get better results.
  4. People who want support as they grow their business and increase their personal performance abilities.
  5. People who want professional support to achieve a specific business goal within 12 weeks.
  6. Independent startup founders who are action takers, and who want solid support behind the scenes while they make things happen on the public stage

Benefits of Business Coaching

Develop your business in a structured and coherent way consistently over time.

Have crystal clarity over what’s going on in your business at all times, both the big picture and the detailed view.

Have specialised support available to help you solve problems and make decisions in your business.

Achieve rapid results in your business using a specialised system, including proven methods, the right tools and highly-committed support.

Always know what to focus on next to achieve your business goals.

Strengthen your personal performance to become a better business leader.

Outcomes of Business Coaching with Pirate Startups:

At the end of each session, you will have the following:

  1. You’ll have support to set and achieve solid, suitable goals that have an impact on your business.
  2. You’ll receive consistent specialist guidance to develop your business, based on proven methods, tools and experience.
  3. Experience peace of mind as you have the full view of what’s going on in your business, and you know what to improve next going forward.
  4. Increased performance as a business leader as you take action with ease.
  5. Make rapid progress as you follow step-by-step action plans that help you break through blocks and hurdles successfully.
  6. Have someone to discuss important decisions with, enabling you to move forward with confidence and ease.
  7. Enjoy developing your business consistently with an experienced business development facilitator in your corner to support you.
  8. Grow your business concretely with numbers that prove your actions have an effect.

What You Get by doing the Coaching Programme:

At the end of each session, you will have the following:

  1. A precise indication of the progress your business has made towards your business goals.
  2. Objective benchmarks demonstrating the areas of your business to develop next.
  3. A clear record of the key figures in your business revealing if your actions are moving the needle as you grow.
  4. An up-to-date strategic analysis of your business, inside and out.
  5. Objective and subjective evaluations of all your available options for the important decisions you need to make related to your business.
  6. A written list of solutions to problems you face.
  7. A clear action plan for the week ahead, supporting the larger business goals you’ve set.
  8. Guidance on areas of your personal performance that you can improve to be happier, healthier and more successful in what you do.



Per 12-week programme